Developing of Quail Bird Product in Various of Side Dish

Developing of Quail Bird Product in Various of Side Dish. The purpose of this research was to:

1) Found a formula roasted chicken palace, roasted chicken Kalasan, fried duck Madura replaced with quail to produce products th palace at are favored by the public.

2) Found the product processing procedures botok quail palace , roasted quail Kalasan, fried quail Madura in accordance with wishes of the people.

3) Found the appropriate dish and catchy of the product botok quail palace, roasted quail Kalasan, fried quail Madura.

4) Knowing public acceptance will botok quail palace, roasted quail Kalasan, and fried quail Madura.

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The research was conducted on March-June 2012 in the Laboratory of Boga, Boga Department of Technical Education and Clothing Yogyakarta State University. The method used in the manufacture of these products is R & D in several stages,

1) Analyze recipe,

2) Designing a new formula development roasted chicken Kalasan, roasted chicken palace, fried duck Madura with quail poultry substitution,

3) Conducting pre-experimental manufacturing , then do manufacture products for the first product trials (Validation I) and a second product trials (Validation II),

4) Make a panelis experiment and exposition for understanding consumer acceptance power at developing product,

5) Conduct analysis of data from the proceeds of the semi-trained panelists and communities to the product description.

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The results were obtained:

1) The right recipe for roasted quail Kalasan the replacement of 100% of the principal ingredients from chicken to quail, the exact formula for botok quail palace are 100% replaced the main ingredients of a chicken to quail and cover if the modified technique from roasting to steaming, the exact formula for fried quail Madura are 100% material changed from duck to quail

2) Manufacturing procedures roasted quail Kalasan is boiling and roasted, though the technique botok quail palace is boiling and steaming, and the techniques fried quail Madura is boilling and frying.

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3) Presentation on roasted quail Kalasan, botok quail palace, and fried quail Madura using rattan plate given its complementary base in banana leaves like white rice, vegetables and sauce.

4) Based on product acceptance testing of the product roasted quail Kalasan is favored by 27 panelists (93%) of the total of 30 panelists. While the likes botok quail palace which 25 (90%) of the total of 30 panelists and the likes fried quail Madura namely 23 (77%) of the total of 30 panelists.